first of all how dare you

second of all how dare you

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no escape from the storm inside of me

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Some poorly edited sketches omfg I need a scanner. This is the ‘mostly Danny Phantom stuff’ batch. More to come *___* 

oh boy this old thing is making the rounds again haha, let’s say it’s throwback tuesday and bring it back p: ! 

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What is also fascinating about this film is that the villainess (Gothel) masks her villainy in the guise of love. She does not have the wealth of Cruella De Ville, nor the magic of Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent. She is only equipped with an arsenal of emotional manipulation and self-esteem grenades, designed to keep Rapunzel afraid of the world and herself. As such, she is an amazing archetype for the devouring mother that many women must (to greater or lesser degrees) face in order to get free, and fully come into their own. [x]

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Just a reminder that I have a crazy webcomic about alien mermaids and robots. Coming out of hiatus very soon. You can read the full comic here

or check out the tumblr 

omg this looks hella rad!!!!!

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change of art style in Dreamworks movies
(inspired by Kenya’s Disney version)

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